Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That’ll Make Their Day (2024)

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Your little ones will love these!

By Alyssa Longobucco | February 2, 2024

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That’ll Make Their Day (7)

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Kids make every holiday better. From their Halloween costumes to their joy all throughout December, their infectious energy can make you feel like a kid all over again. Our advice? Lean into celebrating all the festive things with your little ones, including Valentine’s Day! It’s not just a romantic holiday, after all—it’s about treating everyone you love in your life. Which is why you need these Valentine’s Day gifts for kids!

We’re pretty sure they’re already excited about the prospect of candy on Valentine’s Day (and handing out cards to their classmates!), but why not spoil them with a little something extra this February 14th? Below, we’re rounding up a creative assortment of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids so you can show them some love. From cute edible treats (of course!) and trendy room accessories to fun gear they can rock at school that day, these playful presents are kid-approved and may even score you some rarely seen affection from your prickly preteen. And if you’re still on the hunt for the adult in your life, then check out Drew and Jonathan’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas, too.


Dash Mini Waffle Maker



There’s no better way to kick off Valentine’s Day than with a yummy breakfast. While this cute waffle maker may require parental assistance depending on the age of your child, it’s still a great way to make your morning ritual together feel a bit more special. Want to take things one step further? Mix some pink and red sprinkles into the batter before making—whipped cream not required, but highly encouraged.


CoriBlackWolfCo Mini Dry Erase Love Note Stand



February 14 may be only one day, but you can make the love last all month long with this sweet sign. This Valentine’s Day gift for kids personalized with your child’s name (plus a slew of hearts) and features a dry-erase board at the center where you can pen a different thing you love about your little one every day leading up to V-Day—and after!


Personalized Hugging Plush Puppies



Stuffies are a classic Valentine’s Day gift for all ages, but they’re an especially apt pick for the littlest loves among us. These sweet pups from Amazon can be personalized with two names, making them a great pick for a pair of siblings or a child who could use some extra hugs from Mom or Dad. The paws Velcro together, so they can keep them in an embrace or pull them apart for playtime.


Squishy Gummy Bear Light

Uncommon Goods


If Valentine’s Day had an unofficial mascot, it would be sugar. However, if you’re anything like most parents, the last thing you probably want to do is give your child yet another excuse to stay up past their bedtime. Instead, gift them this cute gummy bear night light for Valentine’s Day. It’s squishy and bright (just like the real deal) and boasts an interior LED light that will flood their room with a colorful glow.


LEGO Icons Tiny Plants Creative Building Set



The preteen in your life probably isn’t too excited about receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day—unless they’re of the LEGO variety, that is. This 758-piece set comes with everything they’ll need to build a variety of flowers, plants, and succulents, which they can then display proudly in their room. Bonus: These will last much longer than roses.


BluOliveDesigns Beaded Heart Name Necklace



In case you haven’t already heard, friendship bracelets and necklaces are all the rage lately. Whether your daughter is a Swiftie or just likes to keep up with the current trends, this personalized necklace is sure to have her seeing hearts this Valentine’s Day. Simply choose your desired length and personalize your pick with up to nine characters—your phrase will be finished with a gold heart on either side.


Small White Heart Shaped Pillow



Treat your favorite cuddle bug to a comfortable new bed accessory this Valentine’s Day with this plush heart pillow. The heart shape is V-Day appropriate but can stay out all year long, and the soft polyester fur makes for comfortable lounging while they’re watching a movie or reading a book. Even better, it’s available in a slew of shades (like pink, purple, beige, and black), so finding one that complements their room decor is a cinch.


Valentine’s Day Slice & Bake Cookies

Williams Sonoma


No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without a sweet treat (or two!). Use your mutual sugar craving—and this slice-and-bake cookie set—as an excuse to score some one-on-one time with your kiddo this Valentine’s Day. Each delivery comes with three logs of frozen cookie dough (pinwheel sugar cookies, striped shortbread cookies, and sprinkle shortbread cookies), so you’ll have plenty to share with the rest of the fam and their friends at school.


RazberrySlimeCo Valentine’s Day Butter Slime



Calling all slime lovers! Your child will be excited to add this Valentine’s Day-themed slime to their ever-growing collection. Designed to be reminiscent of the classic Conversation Heart candies, this butter-based blue slime comes with a purple clay heart and is scented similarly to the chalky sweets.


Love Heart Light Up Drawing Tees

Uncommon Goods


In the light, this cute pink heart tee is just that—a charming way to rock the unofficial icon of Valentine’s Day. But turn the lights off and your child can use the included light wand to draw shapes and squiggles on the heart, which is actually a luminescent ink panel. Their scribbles will disappear in about five minutes, so they can have endless fun re-drawing secret messages.


CricketFireflyCo Valentine’s Day Felt Puzzle



Get your little one in on the Valentine’s Day fun with this adorable truck puzzle. Made from felt and containing just four pieces, it’s the perfect pick for the under-2 set. There are plenty of versions to choose from too, including a bear, elephant, dinosaur, dog, and unicorn. Bonus: It’s perfectly packable, in case you want to throw it in your bag and surprise them with it at a family Valentine’s Day dinner (every parent knows that babysitters are notoriously hard to score on February 14th).


Vintage Heart Sunglasses



Your little Cupid will be the coolest kid in class this Valentine’s Day when they’re rocking these retro-inspired shades. Available in dozens of colors, these fun frames make for a playful addition to a V-Day basket or themed outfit for school.


TweeMade Handmade Sidewalk Chalk



Encourage some colorful creativity this February 14 with this hugs and kisses-themed chalk set. With saturated hues and charming shapes, this four-piece collection will help your little artist spread the V-Day love to the entire neighborhood through their driveway designs.


Little Blue Truck’s Valentine by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry



Mix up your bedtime book routine for the month of February by adding this thematic read to your rotation. Part of the beloved Little Blue Truck series, it follows the iconic blue ride (and his good friend Toad) as they take off on a quest to spread Valentine’s Day cheer.


Silicone Straw Topper



Have a kiddo who is obsessed with their mug? Score cool parent points this V-Day by gifting your trendy tween with this heart-shaped straw cap. The silicone accessory set comes with not one but three pastel hearts, so they can even pass a few off to friends (or just top ever cup in their collection).

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That’ll Make Their Day (2024)
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