Last-minute Valentine gifts to make with the kids - Cool Mom Picks (2024)

Even if Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, there’s still time for kids to make these last-minute craft ideas and printables to make anyone’s February 14 extra special. (Even if their sweetheart is just Dad or Mom.)

While a full school week left until Valentine’s Day may not feel “last minute,” those of us with kids who are busy with after-school activities and homework need ideas that are fun, easy, and affordable. Whether you need to decorate the front door, fun up a Valentine’s Day classroom party, or make little classroom gifts that are ready by February 14, enjoy these last-minute Valentine’s craft ideas for kids!

Also, be sure to catch our posts on the sweet, easy Valentine’s Day crafts young kids can make their BFFs and our huge list of last-minute Valentines treats that can also be great for crafty kids to hand out to classmates.

Happy Valentine’s Day crafting!

Top Image: Paper Heart Garland from Upcycled Maps | Crafting a Green World
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Valentine’s Paper Heart Garlands

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Printable Conversation Heart Banner Craft | Hello Little Home

Her free printable makes it so easy to enjoy the non-caloric version of this Valentine’s Day gift staple. You could even use the heart crafts individually as note cards for a sweet last-minute Valentine’s card from the kids for the whole family (don’t forget grandparents!) or the whole classroom.

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Paper Heart Garland from Upcycled Maps | Crafting a Green World

One more variation: We love custom map artwork to mark an important place (or future vacation). Similarly, this project from Crafting a Green World lets kids make use of those old Rand McNally pages that we’ve given up in the age of GPS. If you have an old gas station map sitting around somewhere, this is the perfect craft to help kids’ make the most of it — and eco-friendly too!

Confetti Scrap Heart Craft

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Confetti Scrap Heart Craft | Moon Frye (Web Archive Link)

Whether you have a hot glue gun or just stick with a basic glue stick or rubber cement, this craft from Soleil Moon Frye’s former blog is ridiculously cute. Use tissue paper, scrapbook paper, or whatever you have. My kids would want to turn theirs into pins to wear on their sweaters as DIY jewelry. You could also glue them to card stock and fold to make handmade Valentine’s cards — or just pop one in your kid’s lunchbox with a love note on the back.

Printable Valentine’s Kiss Labels

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Printable Valentines Hershey Kiss labels | Makdoodle

As one of those moms with no time but plenty of good intentions, I love this super simple last-minute Valentine’s craft, thanks to a printable that make those little Valentine Edition Hershey’s Kisses just a bit more personal. Hand them out in cute baggies with custom labels (if you’re Camille from Makoodle) or by the handful right out of your bag (if you’re me) and you’ve got a little Valentine’s Day gift that doubles as dessert! (Or uh, breakfast in our home.)

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Art

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Heart Strung Valentines Day Embroidery for Kids | Moomah (Web Archive Link)

I would never suggest that young kids should undertake embroidery (or anything with a sharp needle) as an “easy last-minute craft idea” for Valentine’s Day, but Moomah has a tutorial that’s fairly simple for them–provided you’re crafty enough yourself to get it set up. Alternatively, skip the needle and make a DIY Lacing Card using a cardboard heart, which could be fun for preschoolers.

Of course, you can always use loads of that embroidery floss our kids have hanging around and make some DIY friendship bracelets in every shade of pink, purple, and red, too. Here are some of our favorite patterns.

Glitter Heart Necklace Craft

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DIY Glitter Heart Necklace | The Alison Show

Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show had a wonderful tutorial for this last-minute Valentine’s craft that’s perfect for our bauble-loving girls. Sadly it’s gone (sniff) but with a stainless heart pendant from Michael’s or stainless crafting charms from Amazon, it’s easy to just add glitter! Voila! Easy craft that makes fun last-minute gifts for friends or the whole family. You can also cover with stickers, beads, tiny pom-poms — whatever looks fun for your kids.

DIY Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet

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DIY Handmade Paper Flowers | Dozi Designs

Our associate editor Christina made this DIY bouquet with her own kids by following the instructions, and she swears they are super easy and come out just like the pictures, even making them last minute for Valentine’s Day. (Unlike most crafts on Pinterest.) Whether you glue your paper flowers to branches, place them in a bowl or hand them out to classroom friends, scrapbook paper in fun red patterns or just simple construction paper means they’re bound to last longer than a real bouquet of flowers. Or real chocolate for that matter!

Printable Giant Heart Coloring Page or Gift Wrap

Giant Printable Valentine Coloring Page | Mr. Printables

If coloring is your kid’s thing, this free Valentine’s Day printable is a great group craft for a classroom. Or, add in a new colored pencil set and it could keep a single kid occupied long enough for you to sneak some special alone time with some of the good chocolate.

Also be sure to see our entire post on printable Valentine’s cards that kids can hand out to friends — whether they like the cute stuff, or prefer dinosaurs, robots and monsters

Last-minute Valentine gifts to make with the kids - Cool Mom Picks (9)

Color-In Valentines Gift Wrap Printable| MinieCo

Along the lines of coloring pages, we love this DIY gift wrap that comes in three different paterns. Paint, crayon, marker — all good! It’s a wonderful way for kids to make any Valentine’s gift a little more personal, whether they made it themselves or bought an “I Love You Dad” mug from a local store.

DIY Papercraft Valentine’s Love Note

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DIY Pop-Out Valentine Love Letter | Mini Co

If your kid wants to get more crafty than printable Valentine’s cards allow (which I heavily rely on, so no judgments) this is such a neat and easy last-minute craft idea for a DIY Valentine’s Day card. Just add your own beautiful A4 paper like you would for scrapbooking, or any colorful card stock! Even if the kids scribble a name with a pencil on the envelope it will be sweet.

Valentine’s Marshmallow “Petit Fours”

Last-minute Valentine gifts to make with the kids - Cool Mom Picks (11)

DIY Marshmallow Valentines Petit Fours | Say Yes Blog

There are so many easy handmade Valentine’s treats that kids can hand out, and this one is such a clever cheat from Liz Stanley of Say Yes. It mostly involves dipping mini marshmallows in tinted white candy melts, or white chocolate, then decorating. Hey, we’re busy! We always love a good dessert shortcut when we’re down to the wire with last-minute crafts for the kids!

Also be sure to see our post on 150+ last-minute treats, desserts, and edible gifts the whole family can make. It will be hard to pick just one!

Photo Lollipop Valentine’s Card

Last-minute Valentine gifts to make with the kids - Cool Mom Picks (12)

Photo Lollipop Valentine Cards | DesignMom

Card meets Valentine’s treat? Why not! We remain impressed with this classic Valentine’s craft that kids can do last-minute — with just a little help from a parent. This is one card that everyone in the class will want on Valentine’s Day! And hey, if you have leftover lollipops just call them a lollipop bouquet, tie it with some ribbon, and there’s an actual last-minute Valentine’s craft right there.

“Love Rocks” Painting Craft

Last-minute Valentine gifts to make with the kids - Cool Mom Picks (13)

DIY Painted Heart Rocks | Color Me Katie

It doesn’t get much easier than this last-minute Valentine’s craft project. I know my girls would love to have a bowl full of them on the dining room table that they could bring out every year. (If they ever let me put them away.) If your kid has a steady hand and a smaller brush or fine-tipped paint marker, paint phrases like “love rocks” or borrow from conversation hearts (QT Pi!) for a wonderful little Valentine’s gift that’s clearly handmade with love.

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Last-Minute Valentine's Craft Ideas for Kids

This article discusses last-minute craft ideas and printables for kids to make Valentine's Day extra special. It suggests various craft projects that are fun, easy, and affordable. Let's explore some of the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. Valentine's Paper Heart Garlands: The article mentions a paper heart garland made from upcycled maps. This craft project allows kids to repurpose old maps and create a decorative garland. It can be a great way to engage children in a creative activity while also promoting eco-friendly practices [[1]].

  2. Confetti Scrap Heart Craft: The article suggests a craft project involving the creation of heart-shaped decorations using tissue paper, scrapbook paper, or other materials. This craft can be used to make handmade Valentine's cards or pins to wear as DIY jewelry [[2]].

  3. Printable Valentine's Kiss Labels: The article mentions printable labels that can be used to personalize Valentine's Edition Hershey's Kisses. These labels can be attached to the chocolates and given as last-minute Valentine's Day gifts [[3]].

  4. Valentine's Day Embroidery Art: The article discusses a tutorial for creating Valentine's Day embroidery art. While embroidery may not be suitable for young kids, the tutorial provides a simple approach for those who are interested. Alternatively, kids can create DIY lacing cards using cardboard hearts, which can be fun for preschoolers [[4]].

  5. Glitter Heart Necklace Craft: The article suggests a craft project involving the creation of glitter heart necklaces. With a stainless heart pendant or crafting charms, kids can add glitter or other decorative elements to make personalized necklaces. This craft can be a fun last-minute gift idea for friends or family members [[5]].

  6. DIY Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet: The article mentions a DIY bouquet made from handmade paper flowers. By following the instructions provided, kids can create their own paper flowers using scrapbook paper or construction paper. These paper flowers can be used to decorate branches, placed in a bowl, or given as gifts to friends [[6]].

  7. Printable Giant Heart Coloring Page or Gift Wrap: The article suggests a printable giant heart coloring page that can be used as a group craft activity in a classroom. Additionally, the article mentions printable gift wrap with different patterns that kids can color and use to make Valentine's gifts more personal [[7]].

  8. DIY Papercraft Valentine's Love Note: The article discusses a DIY pop-out Valentine love letter craft idea. Kids can create their own Valentine's Day cards by adding their own beautiful A4 paper or colorful cardstock. This craft allows for personalization and can be a thoughtful last-minute gift [[8]].

  9. Valentine's Marshmallow "Petit Fours": The article mentions an easy handmade Valentine's treat idea involving dipping mini marshmallows in tinted white candy melts or white chocolate. Kids can decorate the marshmallows and hand them out as last-minute Valentine's treats [[9]].

  10. Photo Lollipop Valentine's Card: The article suggests a craft idea where kids can create Valentine's cards with attached lollipops. This combination of a card and a treat can be a popular choice among classmates on Valentine's Day [[10]].

  11. "Love Rocks" Painting Craft: The article mentions a simple craft project involving painting heart-shaped rocks with phrases like "love rocks" or words inspired by conversation hearts. This craft can be a personalized and heartfelt Valentine's gift [[11]].

These are just a few of the craft ideas mentioned in the article. I hope this information helps you with your last-minute Valentine's Day crafting endeavors!

Last-minute Valentine gifts to make with the kids - Cool Mom Picks (2024)
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