Last Day on Earth: Survival Ultimate Guide: 19 Tips & Tricks for Crafting, Fighting and Survival - Level Winner (2024)

Last Day on Earth: Survival, or simply Last Day on Earth, is an immersive iOS and Android MMORPG that also doubles as a survival/base management game with some RPG elements included. As you may be able to guess from the title, this is a post-apocalyptic game, and you will be playing the role of a survivor in this doom-and-gloom setting, facing off against other players from around the world. The backstory here is that the world has been befallen by a “plague virus pandemic,” with most people having been transformed into “unkilled zombies.” It’s every man and woman for themselves in this setting, and as the game’s description further adds, there is “no place left for friendship, love, and compassion.” How long can you survive in such a setting?

Of course, you would want to outlast the rest of the world, and in order to do this, you’ll need to learn so many things about this game, its mechanics, and how to outsmart all of your enemies in the in-game universe — zombies, other human-controlled players, and AI-controlled players as well. Read on, as we’ve got a Last Day on Earth: Survival ultimate guide for you, with close to 20 tips that cover every imaginable topic in this new title.

1. Get Started By Gathering And Crafting

So you’ve just started a new game in Last Day on Earth, and aren’t quite sure how to proceed. What should you do at this point, as you get familiar with the game’s mechanics and such? The answer would be simple — get acquainted with the most fundamental of these mechanics and do some crafting. As there are various RPG elements in this game, crafting is one of them, and arguably one of the most important aspects. But before you can do that, you’ll need materials, and that’s why you should focus on gathering on your first two in-game days. The house plot, fortunately, has lots of resources you can gather, and you can also get some experience for gathering items or killing zombies.

Once you’ve leveled up, you will earn crafting points, and these points will allow you to unlock and learn new recipes. We would recommend learning how to craft, and ultimately crafting a Hatchet and Pickaxe, as these two tools can be used to chop trees for wood and mine for limestone, respectively. Use these tools to collect resources faster, and you’ll be making it to level 3 or 4 at the very least, before you know it.

If you want more specific information on what you should be collecting during your first days, we would recommend that you collect nine Pine Logs, and six Limestone. As we mentioned above, the Hatchet and Pickaxe should be your priority, and while there may be zombies in the area, you need not worry — they won’t be so tough to take out anyway. We also suggest that you work on crafting a Spear, as you’ll need some basic weapons to deal with enemies, aside from tools to gather vital resources and save you from using your hands for these tasks.

2. Next, Craft Items For Your House

When creating a house in the game, you’ll want to start small and start simple, and that would mean, in most cases, building a 3×3 house. Building a house would first require you to place the flooring, then the walls, with each floor and wall costing you one pine log each. By this point, we would guess that you have more than enough resources to work with, and to eventually expand your home.

When it comes to crafting items for your home, you should focus on the bare necessities. You only have so many crafting points to spend, so we would recommend you use these for the Campfire, Garden Bed, and Small Box, for cooking food, vegetables, and storage respectively. Now you don’t necessarily need the Campfire to eat, but it will certainly improve the quality of your meals if you have one. The Small Box, on the other hand, helps you store more items — to be exact, that’s 12 items which we recommend you safely keep in your home to prevent the stuff from being stolen by other human players.

Pro-tip: If a Small Box for storage isn’t cutting the mustard, you can also make use of the truck that you opened the game with for additional storage space.

3. Your Home Needs A Door

This, we’d say, is important enough that it deserves to be mentioned as a standalone tip, even if it’s something very simple and so easy to overlook. Since you don’t want opposing players raiding your stuff, or zombies attacking you willy-nilly, your house needs to be secured with a door. The only thing that could break a door down in this game, apparently, are C4 explosives, so even a simple door could give you a nice sense of security for your home.

4. What Are Points Of Interest, And Why Are They ‘Interesting’?

Now that we’re done with the true basics of this game, let’s move on next to Points of Interest. This is where you can expect the Army to send you a supply crate, dropping it down and solidifying that spot as a point of interest. But make sure you’re acting as quickly as possible, because these points are only available for a limited amount of time. As long as you’re able to catch a Point while still available, you’ll get some nice rewards for your troubles.

Basically, you should be looking out for Alpha Base (which you ca access by taking the A card from the corpse), airplane wreckages, and the aforementioned supply drops. Alpha Base could help you get a decent enough military suit, and a far more powerful gun than the basic, ultimately useless (against tougher zombies and larger hordes) spear. Supply drops are a good source of new resources and parts that you may be needing for some of the more useful, functional crafting recipes in the game.

5. Military Bases Do Not Expire

Military bases can be considered points of interest in Last Day on Earth, but in order to access them, you’ll need to get in via security key card. Typically, these cards are found among dead zombies and human opponents, so expect things to get dangerous if you’re trying to get into one of these bases.

6. Exploration – What’s In It For You?

Once you reach a certain level, you can then unlock the blueprint/recipe for the Basic Backpack, as that allows you to hold eight more items. You’ll need that while exploring, and you’ll also need to stay close to the green parts of the map, as you may only have your jacket to keep you warm. Another thing to remember when exploring is to scout each area for their “density” — look at the location indicator above the area so you know what’s in it for you.

The good thing about high density areas, which appear as red on your map, is that they have a ton of resources for you to collect, but on the down side, you’ll also have to deal with tougher AI enemies. Lighter density areas, which show up as green, are a comparative cake walk compared to high-density areas in terms of enemy skill, but you also have less resources to collect. Stay within the green, though, until you’ve got better weapons and actual armor that could do a much better job protecting you from enemy attacks.

7. Don’t Go Overboard With Your Gun

Although you may be tempted to start firing indiscriminately at zombies when you’re able to secure a gun, it’s actually not a very wise idea to do so. Save those bullets instead for zombie hordes, and stick to that good old spear while you’re exploring. As long as you’re sticking to the green areas and not veering away too much, you should be safe enough in most cases, safe enough that you wouldn’t need to use your gun too often to take out some bad guys.

8.The Vault Code Doesn’t Do Anything At All

This is something that may change in a future update, but for the meantime, you need not worry about the Vault Code for Alpha Bunker. What you should do instead is to always be working toward leveling up and upgrading, while making sure the zombies don’t lay much of a hand on you. They may be worth 5x or so per gathering tick, but the simple fact is that most gathering nodes are relatively harmless. Unless you’re okay with just standing there and getting attacked, which we assume you aren’t.

For what it’s worth, there have been countless Reddit threads and forum comments about the Alpha Bunker vault code, so while you may definitely read on, we advise you to take these things with a grain of salt. Some players have speculated that the Vault Code may be hidden inside a wall that can only be accessed via Chopper, or possibly hidden in red zones, or even an ultra-rare item drop in forests, namely a USB flash drive that you’ll need to access at an Electronics Lab. The latter theory has been hyped as the most plausible so far, but you’ll only get to test that out for yourself once you’re at a whopping level 82, as that’s the only point where you’ll be able to build an Electronics Lab.

9. The Basics Of Combat

Aside from the AI-controlled zombies, you’ll also have to eat with some “human enemies” out there — no, make that a lot of “human enemies.” Make sure you’re prepared for some trouble at any given time, and practice the art of making a sneak attack against a zombie or another player. In order to avoid getting caught prior to the attack, you’ll have to tap on the crouch button, then move around while in this position. Sneaking up on an enemy is always fun, though we should warn you that this game, like many others, becomes progressively harder as you move on.

10. Use Melee Weapons In Combat

While there are some ranged weapons which you can use in the game, it’s those melee weapons that could really come in handy. Yes, it might sound like a paradox that guns are safer in this game, but the advantage of close-contact combat with melee weapons is that your attacks don’t cause any kind of alarm near you. Of course, you’re still free to use ranged weapons, but aiming at an enemy from a distance could only attract the attention of an enemy horde.

11. Watch Out For The Red Blip

Make sure you’re often looking through the mini-map, because you may see a red blip headed your way. You might end up with a Fast Biter or with another player character. It’s the former that you should be taking lightly, because while they aren’t as weak as other zombies in the game, Fast Biters are oftentimes very squishy and fragile. Players, however, could mean a lot of trouble, as it isn’t the dopey, predictable AI you’re up against in this case, but another human player.

Other players manifest themselves as “ghosts” or “copies” of their character, meaning they behave exactly the same way they did in their last play-through. Take a look at what these player characters did right and did wrong, and check to see if they have any weapons on them. Depending on the weapon, you may be in for a treat, or in for a challenge, and possibly your worst such challenge in the game. Also, refrain from the temptation of going on an all-out attack and engaging other players right away. Always take a look at the other guy’s equipment before proceeding any further; be prepared to fight if they’ve got a weapon, and focus instead on other important things when facing an opponent without any armor or weapons whatsoever.

12. By Level 10, You Can Start Crafting Armor

Fortunately for you, there is a myriad of things you can do in Last Day on Earth to earn experience. That should guarantee that you make it to level 10 rather quickly, and this happens to be a very important level to reach. Once you’ve made it there, you will be able to unlock the first sets of armor which you can craft with materials and recipes. But since these are the first, most basic sets, you shouldn’t expect much from them — they’ll serve as solid protection in a pinch, but you’ll want to replace that basic armor at some point or another.

13. No, The Gas Tank Is Not Real Yet

The Chopper Gas Tank has been one of the more talked-about items in Last Day on Earth, and it’s obviously that one missing part that you need in order to ride the Chopper. But based on what we’ve heard from more reliable sources, this part does not actually exist, so we’re sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve heard on Reddit that some players have been able to find it. What is real, however, is the Vehicle Parts Pack, which can only be bought with real-life cash.

At the moment, there are no vehicles that can be operated in Last Day on Earth, as all you have are parts, with no way to fully complete a vehicle and ride it around town as you fight for your life. This could change in a future update, though we don’t know for sure when that update will be rolling out.

14. Events Usually Take Place When You’re Low On Energy

“Events,” just as they are used in the real world, usually signify something bad in the universe of Last Day on Earth: Survival. This could mean a plane crash, or any other in-game happening that spells trouble for your character. And just as rotten luck could come along at the worst possible time in the real world, that too applies in the game — it does seem as if “events” are far more likely to happen once your energy bar goes below the 50 mark. But if there’s something good that can come from all of this, you can spend real money to get in-game currency that would allow you to come away with the loot faster, without having to worry about running out of energy. Yes, it does appear to be a cash grab of sorts, but it is what it is, and it’s your best bet if one of those events takes place at the time you don’t want them to happen.

Another suggestion if there’s no way to survive an event would be to remove all of your gear, keep the items in your house/base, go to the closest spot where you could benefit from plane crash/military drop loot, and, well, essentially wait until you get killed. You’ll re-spawn with all your 100 units of energy anyway, so there’s nothing to lose here.

15. How To Get Water

One important thing about the game we haven’t quite mentioned yet is the fact that you will die if you last three days in the game without drinking a drop of water. So how do you find water in the game, and how can you ensure that you’ve got more than enough of this resource?

For starters, it’s easy to neglect the fact that you get three bottles of water once you spawn into the game for the first time. Check your inventory carefully and you’ll see those water bottles in plain view. You can also head to plane crashes, the Alpha Bunker, or the bases of opposing human/AI players to loot their stashes and hope to come away with some water bottles; save this strategy for those desperate moments where you’re, say, in your second day without water.

The best way to get water, however, would be to build a Rain Catcher. This recipe becomes available once you make it to level 6, and the recipe requires you to have two pieces of Scrap Metal, three Pieces of Cloth, and 10 Pine Logs. Craft the Rain Catcher and make sure you’ve placed an Empty Bottle inside of it. Wait ten minutes and voila — the bottle will be all filled up, and you don’t even have to wait until it rains. The water just appears there magically, making this a very easy way to get water.

16. How To Get Cloth

Now that we’re dealing with more advanced tips, you might be wondering at this point where you can get some cloth. Cloth is a key crafting material that you’ll need to create Bandages, SWAT Gear, and the Shower, and in order to get this material, you’ll want to loot corpses of zombies, or those of AI players. Typically, the best place to look for cloth would be at the Pine Bushes — once there, you can waste any zombie you see, then raid their corpses once you’re done with them. Alternately, you can wait until you reach level 18, which is when you will unlock the Sewing Table recipe. You’ll need 20 Pine Planks, 15 Iron Bars, and five Rubber Parts, and while that does sound like a lot of materials, the Sewing Table will allow you to work Plant Fiber into Pieces of Cloth, and craft Pieces of Cloth into the far more superior Thick Fabric.

17. The Game Has A Bug With Coin Totals

We did mention above a couple of situations where you might find see it as a good idea to buy some coins. Unfortunately, you will have to make absolutely sure that you’ve spent all your coins before buying another package of coins with your real-world money. There appears to be a glitch in the game that erases your leftover coins once you buy a new package, and since you’re paying real money for this premium currency, you don’t want any of that premium currency to be wasted due to something that isn’t your fault, and something you do not have any control over.

18. There’s No ATV Transmission Either

Like the Chopper Gas Tank we told you about several tips earlier, the ATV Transmission is another important vehicle part that has yet to be added to the game. Without this part, you cannot ride the ATV to head to the Oak Bushes, Grove, and Woods, where you can then forage for oak, a key material once the crafting becomes more advanced. But for what it’s worth, you will get the blueprints for the ATV once you’re at level 18, provided you have two Crafting Points at that time.

19. How To Get Steel

Steel is another one of Last Day on Earth: Survival’s more advanced crafting materials, and likewise, it has yet to be included in the game. Based on what we’ve heard so far, steel may likely be created by smelting steel scraps that you may find via loot drops, or by raiding AI players’ bases. There’s a plethora of blueprints/recipes that have steel as one of the requisite materials, and for a teaser of what to expect once the game’s makers introduce steel into the game, these blueprints include the Gunsmith Bench (for creating weapon parts), the Glock 17 (a powerful gun), the Trunk (storage for 24 items max), and the Trip Wire and Bear Traps. There’s also a Radio Tower and a Clan Banner among the blueprints, and these will come in handy once Kefir finally introduces guild mechanics to Last Day on Earth, thereby giving the game a far more prominent multiplayer flavor.

That’s all folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed our detailed Last Day on Earth: Survival guide. As always, if you have anything to add, or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line below in the comments!

Last Day on Earth: Survival Ultimate Guide: 19 Tips & Tricks for Crafting, Fighting and Survival - Level Winner (2024)
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