Health and Vitality including mental health, conditions and gynae issues (2024)

Health and Vitality including mental health, conditions and gynae issues (1)

Health and well-being advice and tips to get the most out of your life, from taking care of your mind to getting restful sleep.

‘My dad took his own life. Conversations are opening up, but we still need to shed the taboo’
11 best pillows for neck pain11 best mattresses for back painYour complete guide to oral sexYour June 2024 sex horoscope is here

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What does Jupiter in Gemini mean for all signs?‘When I became a mum, I needed to be mothered’ What is micro-cheating? How should I handle it?'Period poverty can pose a serious health concern'
Mollie King: Powering though grit and grief 20 of the best pelvic floor trainers Read this if you want to boost your confidenceWhat your sun, moon + rising signs say about you

mental health

Mental health news, long-reads and guides

Happiness is contagious: But are you a radiator or a drain?
Want to be more confident? Try self-compassionA neuroscientist on how to change your life ‘I gave birth, then I was sectioned’How to identify the secret addictions in your life

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12 surprising benefits of swimming that prove it should be part of your regular routine
The science behind beating insomniaTried + tested: Sealy Recharge+ WH mattress reviewClocks going forward can 'affect sleep for weeks'4 sleep retreats to re-set your nocturnal habits
From Women's Health for Men's and Women's Health by Sealy exclusively at DFS3 holistic sleep moves that actually workThe 12 best duvets for hot sleepers to buy nowThe best quiet fans to buy ASAPAlways tired? Sleep apnoea could be to blame

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Sex + Relationships

Positions, toys, and sexual health

The truth about sex positions and pregnancy8 reasons your vagin* is swollen after sexThe best sex positions for people over age 60Sex toy deals to shop ahead of Amazon Prime Day
‘My partner wants to try sex parties’ Is it bad to use coconut oil as lube? Do age gaps increase women's sexual satisfaction?What is soaking? The trending sex act explained

healthy mums

The latest parenting news, products and features

'No woman should ever have to be faced with the prospect of giving birth alone'
Why folic acid in pregnancy is so importantMy honest review of Ickle Bubba's Altima pram Jessie J on how she deals with online negativityBest lightweight strollers to shop in 2024

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Female health conditions

‘After giving birth, women need far more support’EYNTK about adenomyosis and pregnancyAre Black women being failed by IVF? From Women's Health for Calecim ProfessionalThere's a new way to treat menopausal hair loss
VUSH Aura review: Goodbye period pain?PCOS belly: what is it and how do you treat it? Lisa Snowdon talks fitness + fertility What to know about PCOS and facial hair growth
6 ways to prevent 'menopause belly'What’s the difference between PCOS and endo?What are the signs of a 'hormonal belly'? Why am I so tired during my period?

Gut health

A healthy gut is a pillar of wellness

What 'leaky gut' actually means, from the expertsHow a dietician manages her IBS symptomsYou asked: Is a plant-based diet good for IBS?Em the Nutritionist launches her own supplement


Everything you need to know about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

If you're trying to lose weight with PCOS, upping your protein intake is key
What causes PCOS bloating?The dos and don'ts of exercising with PCOSShona Vertue: ‘How I eat with PCOS’PCOS and gut health: An unlikely link

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Everything you need to know about endo

Yes, you can get pregnant with endometriosis - here's what you need to know
Women with endometriosis being ‘medically gaslit''A text asked if I wanted to cancel endo surgery'Exercise helped heal my chronic pain’How Stef Williams eats with endometriosis

Good Grief

Navigating loss in the modern world

‘My sister died when I was 7 months pregnant’‘Please don't call bereaved children resilient’ ‘If you're newly bereaved, here's my advice’If you’re grieving right now, follow these groups

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Perimenopause and Menopause

Practical advice for navigating this huge hormonal milestone, from the first peri symptoms onwards

Kelly Holmes was in 'denial' about perimenopauseDoes the menopause cause herpes outbreaks? Halle Berry experienced this perimenopause symptomHow to eat during perimenopause
Susannah Constantine, her gut health + menopause12 potential reasons why you always feel hot 6 steps to looking after menopausal skin How should I exercise during perimenopause at 46?

Unsual discharge?

This is what your vagin* is trying to tell you

If You’re Experiencing Thick White Discharge, Here’s What Might Be Up
So… What Does It Mean If My Discharge Is Watery?11 reasons why your discharge is pink7 Reasons Why Your Discharge Smells


Cloudy, smelly or foamy? Find out why

13 reasons why your wee smells weirdHere's what the colour of your urine can tell you 8 causes of foamy urine (+ when to worry)8 reasons why you might have cloudy urine
Health and Vitality including mental health, conditions and gynae issues (2024)
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