50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (2024)

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Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Love will be in the air soon so now is agreat time to start gathering ideas to celebrate. We’ve got 50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities to share with youtoday that are perfect for Pre-K or Kindergarten!

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50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (1)

These Valentine’s Day crafts and activities are great for home or the classroom! There are plenty oflearning printables for your little ones, fun ideas for games to play, engaging crafts, and much, much more!

Learning Printables

50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (2)

Match up the letters of the alphabet with this printable Valentine alphabet match.

Continue the alphabet fun with these Valentine alphabet puzzles.

Who wouldn’t love learning with candy? Kids will love working with these candy hearts addition cards.

Working on addition is way more fun when done through play. Print this Valentine spin addition game and let the fun begin.

Boost the reading confidence of your students with the help of these easy reader printables.

Work on math and reading skills with these February clip cards.

Practice tracing your ABC’s with these fun “love letters” printables.

This heart math matis perfect to get the kids excited about addition.

Practice numbers with the help of this adorable Valentine’s Day color by number printable. / Trail of Colors

Give their brains a workout with this memory game. / Itsy Bitsy Fun

Working on pre-writing? These tracing printables can be of help. / Totschooling

Learn letters with Cupid with this fun Cupid’s arrow alphabet match.

Work on handwriting with these fun “love notes” alphabet printables.

Connect the dots and make a heart, practice alphabet and numbers with these dot-to-dot printables. / Trail of Colors

Crafts and Art Projects

50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (3)

Working with tissue paper is always fun, your students will love making this tissue paper heart craft.

Wrapping yarn around cardboard can be super fun and just look how wonderful these hearts turned out. / Easy Peasy and Fun

Make a batch of puffy paint and let the kids make puffy paint hearts. / Red Ted Art

Crafting with paper plates is always fun and you just have to give these lovely V-Day owls a try. / Artsy Momma

This heart craft is ready to encourage some hugs. / Crafts by Amanda

Won’t you “bee” mine? Make this adorable Valentine bee for someone special.

Threading is such a fun activity for Kindergarteners so why not have them make these paper plate hearts. / Easy Peasy and Fun

This is such a cute little Valentine holder. / Buggy and Buddy

These washi tape sun-catchers will look amazing in your classroom. / Kids Craft Room

Use chalk to make this amazing heart chalk stencil art. / Buggy and Buddy

Stamping is always fun, let the kids make some DIY stamped wrapping paper. / Easy Peasy and Fun

DIY and Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (4)

Say it with toy cards, it really can’t get any cuter than these “I Wheely Love You Valentine’s Day cards.” / Artsy Momma

Make a giant Valentine’s Day card. / Red Ted Art

This “You rock” card is super cute. / Preschool Powol Packets

These seed cards are so clever, and the kids cango on and use the seeds in a nature science project. / Buggy and Buddy

Let them get creative with their fingerprints and make a lovely tree card. / Easy Peasy and Fun

Say it with bugs with this cute printable. / Artsy Momma

We love these “because” cards as they engage the kids to write. / Picklebums

Another super clever a-maze-ing V-Day card idea. / Lemon Lime Adventures

Let them know they are one in a minion./ JDaniel4’s Mom

Love monkeys? You’re going to love these cards. / Beauty Through Imperfection

Coloring Pages

50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (5)

These two doves in love are so fun to color. / Trail of Colors

You will find dogs, cats, bunnies, and more in this set of coloring pages. / Itsy Bitsy Fun

Say it with a coloring page! These coloring pages all have cute quotes and messages. / Easy Peasy and Fun

These 3 non-mushy coloring pages are quite cute too. / Kids Activities Blog

Kids will love these love birds to color. / Simple Fun For Kids

This V-Day whale coloring page is something special too. / What do We Do All Day

Still snowing outside? This cool Valentine’s Day coloring page will be perfect. / Kids Creative Chaos

These love bug coloring pages are adorable. / Kids Activities Blog

Andthen there is this “Bee mine” coloring page. / Crazy Little Projects

You will find a little bit of everything in this sweet V-Day coloring page set. / Hello, Wonderful

Games and Activities

50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (6)

Let them play with this Valentine’s Day play dough kit.

Fix the broken hearts by playing this fun alphabet matching game. / Toddler Approved

Print these bingo cards and play bingo in your classroom. / Pre-K Pages

This cupid arrow toss is such a fun game to play. /Playground Park Bench

Make a DIY skeeball and watch the kids have tons of fun. / Handmade Charlotte

Practice spelling with this fun spelling game. / Coffee Cups and Crayons

Your class will enjoy this bursting hearts game, a treat for everyone! / Balancing Home

Grab some stickers to work on fine motor and letter recognition too with this fun alphabet heart activity.

Set up a candy heart experiment. / Fun a Day

This counting game sure looks fun too. / Kids Activities Blog

This melting hearts word search is a great activity too. / Inspirational Laboratories

Your kids are sure to love this collection of Valentine’s Day crafts and activities! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine's Day Crafts and Activities

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate love, and there are numerous crafts and activities that can make the day even more enjoyable. This article offers a variety of ideas for Valentine's Day crafts and activities suitable for Pre-K or Kindergarten. These include:

  • Learning Printables: The article suggests using printable resources to engage children in learning activities related to Valentine's Day. Some examples include alphabet matching, addition cards, spin addition games, easy reader printables, clip cards, tracing printables, color by number printables, memory games, and dot-to-dot printables.

  • Crafts and Art Projects: The article provides several craft ideas using different materials such as tissue paper, yarn, paper plates, puffy paint, and more. Some craft ideas include making heart crafts, owls, Valentine holders, sun-catchers, chalk stencil art, stamped wrapping paper, and more.

  • DIY and Printable Valentine's Day Cards: The article suggests making or printing Valentine's Day cards. Some ideas include toy cards, giant cards, fingerprint tree cards, bug-themed cards, and more.

  • Coloring Pages: The article offers various Valentine's Day-themed coloring pages, including doves, animals, quotes, and more.

  • Games and Activities: The article suggests engaging children in games and activities related to Valentine's Day. Some examples include play dough kits, alphabet matching games, bingo, arrow toss games, DIY skeeball, spelling games, bursting hearts games, candy heart experiments, and more.

These are just a few examples of the crafts and activities mentioned in the article. The ideas provided can be used at home or in the classroom to make Valentine's Day more fun and engaging for children.

Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to know more about or if you have any other questions!

50+ Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities (2024)
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