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5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern - Crochet For You (1)

5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Pattern by Crochet For You.
Since I have lots of comments, I redesigned and updated this 5-Minutes Snowflake pattern with 6 points. You will find the updated crochet pattern and the video tutorial below.

This week before Christmas I thought to share an easy snowflake pattern. Believe me, friends, this snowflake can make in5 minutes. So I named it 5-Minute Crochet Snowflake.

Also, this patternrequires less than 5 yards. Isn’t it great for scrap yarns?I’m sure you can make tonsof snowflake evenduring thisbusy time.

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5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern - Crochet For You (3)
Eight-Point Crochet Snowflake

These eight-point crochet snowflakes are easy and fast to crochet. You can use these snowflakes in many ways, as an ornament, garlands and more.

Skill level:Easy

Materials:You can use Approx: 5 yards of any yarn type for this pattern

(I used)

Gauge: Gauge is not important for this pattern.

Abbreviations (US Term)

  • sl st – slip stitch
  • ch – chain
  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • st – stitch
  • ch-sp – chain space
  • sk – skip
  • beg – begininng
  • *to–repeat * to theinstructions.
  • [ ] work instructions within brackets as many times as directed

5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Pattern

Make a magic ring,
Round 1: ch 3, 2 dc into the ring, [ch 4, 3 dc into the ring] 5 times, ch 4, sl st to beg ch 3 top. (6 set of 3dc including beg ch 3)

Round 2: slst until next ch-sp, ch 1, sc in the same ch-sp, * (ch 4, sc, ch 6 or 8, sc, ch 4, sc) in the same ch-sp, ch 3, sknext 3 dc, sc in next ch-sp; repeat * from around, after crocheting last ch 3, sl st to first st. (12 ch 4 loops / 6 (ch 6 or 8 loops))

Fasten off. Leave the yarn tail if you want to hang it or weave the end.

Latest update

This 5-Minutes Crochet Snowflake made with Lion Brand Glamour yarns to get a shiny glitter gold touch.

Hope to see you soon with a newFREE pattern
Until then, Happy Crocheting!!
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  • Kay

    November 2, 2019at6:47 AM

    Thank you so much, It turns out so beautiful with Vanna’s Glamour Topaz

  • Bridgett

    November 13, 2019at12:23 AM

    Thank you so much for this pretty snowflake pattern. It is so well written. I plan to make it snow this year with garlands of these in my house ❤

  • Pradeepa parepalli

    December 13, 2019at6:05 PM

    I tried this pattern. snowflake came out very beautiful. Quick and easy to make. Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern.

  • Beth Swider

    December 15, 2019at7:31 AM

    Cute! Easy to follow directions but snowflakes have 6 points, so I modified the pattern.

  • Janet

    January 1, 2020at1:18 AM

    Thank you for sharing this sweet pattern. I did add a repeat to change it from a star shape to a true 6-sided snowflake.

    • Jenn

      July 18, 2020at10:09 PM

      Thank you for this idea! I was wondering why it didn’t look quite right to me as a snowflake.

  • Jane Susan

    November 14, 2020at6:06 PM

    Crocheted your lovely star in 2020, sending them to friends and family I won’t be seeing in person! Thankyou for this simple and quick to make design!

    • Erangi Udeshika

      November 15, 2020at7:49 PM

      Hi Jane! So glad you like the pattern.

  • Linda

    December 15, 2020at1:32 PM

    Thank you so much! I have tons of crochet cotton, so will just keep making them. Well written, easy to follow.

  • Swarna Rao

    October 6, 2021at4:48 PM

    Thank you so much for this pretty snowflake pattern. I tried this pattern. snowflake came out very beautiful. Quick and easy to make.

  • Tamra

    November 10, 2021at8:41 PM

    This little snowflake is lovely, quick and easy just as written! I don’t know what all the fuss is over “5 or 6 points” though; let’s give it a rest and just give thanks to the designer of the pattern she has gifted us with. Thank you Erangi! Love your pattern!

    • Erangi Udeshika

      December 25, 2021at6:51 PM

      Thank you Tamra <3

  • Donna

    November 12, 2021at8:11 PM

    Very quick and easy pattern! Super cute too! Great has an ornament or to make a garland with. Thanks

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5-Minute Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern - Crochet For You (2024)
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