27 Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Discovering Mommyhood (2024)

27 Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Discovering Mommyhood (1)

I have been scouring Pinterest for cute and adorable Valentine’s Day crafts and activities for preschoolers and I’m happy to share 27 of them!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and I think it’s such a cute holiday for preschoolers!

Most of the Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers on this list are super cute and actually quite simple. Totally doable with littles at home!

I’m looking forward to making these crafts and doing these activities with my boys over the next few weeks. I hope you are able to find some Valentine’s Day crafts and activities to do with your littles as well!

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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy Mess-Free Valentine’s Day Activity

27 Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Discovering Mommyhood (2)

This is one of my own! We did this last year, and planning on trying it again this year as well. I think I might try making it a bit smaller this time and maybe add it to the front of a Valentine’s Day card 🙂

Crayon and Watercolor Magic Art Heart

We recently did this activity, but drew snowflakes. I plan on doing it again, but drawing a heart instead and also changing the color to red/pink!

Check out the reel I made for this activity!

Valentine’s Day Heart Alphabet Matching Activity

I created this Valentine’s Day alphabet matching sensory bin activity, to help my son practice his lower-case and capital letter recognition. The printable is free to download, so head over here to get it!

Candy Heart Letter “Tracing”

I have dot marker worksheets for every letter of the alphabet. Usually we use dot markers to “write” the letters, but I thought it would be fun to use candy hearts or any Valentine’s Day candy to trace the letters instead.

Head over to this page to download the free printable worksheets!

Candy Heart Pattern by Pocket of Preschool

This is one I am planning on doing with my son. I know he’s going to love it since he gets to play with candy, and I’m pretty sure one or two of them will end up in his mouth 🙂

Coffee Filter Valentine Heart Sun Catcher from Creative Family Fun

I love sun catchers, so we’ve done several sun catchers for homeschool preschool. This one different from the ones we’ve done, and I’m excited to try it out!

Heart Cup Tower Challenge from Little Bins For Little Hands

This looks like a really fun interactive activity for preschoolers!

Heart Launcher from Little Bins For Little Hands

I’m sure my boys are going to be really excited to launch little heart candies around our apartment!

Candy Structures from Little Bins For Little Hands

We did this activity with marshmallows and toothpicks the other day, and the boys had so much fun! I think this activity can also be used for alphabet letter practice, and I plan on asking my preschooler to make different letters with the candy and toothpicks.

Blooming Hearts from Entertain Your Toddler

I saw this on Pinterest, and it looks so mesmerizing! Plus it’ll be great fine motor practice to cut out the hearts together.

27 Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Discovering Mommyhood (4)

Heart Man from the Resourceful Mama

We haven’t used our googly eyes in a while, so I think this will be the perfect opportunity! This little heart man is super cute! And I think you can definitely make several of them in different colors and characterize them as well!

Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath from the Resourceful Mama

This one is super simple and looks so pretty!

Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Craft from the Resourceful Mama

We have a ton of toilet paper rolls that I save up for crafts, so I’m excited to get to use some! And this one is so cute! A great one to send to grandparents too!

Yarn Paper Heart Craft by Natural Beach Living

Over the holidays, I bought these blunt needles to string cranberries. My 3.5 year-old loved stringing cranberries! It was a great fine motor activity, and also kept him occupied for a good 30 minutes–definitely a win in my book! So I’m think he will really enjoy this activity as well!

Heart Fingerprint Tree by Easy Peasy and Fun

I think this one will be a really great Valentine’s Day activity for toddlers especially. And a really cute one to send to grandparents as well.

Yarn Wrapped Heart Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun

This one also is a super cute and easy activity for toddlers. I think it’ll be really cute to make a few of them and string them together and hang them up as decoration.

Heart Hedgehog Craft by Fireflies and Mud Pies

This heart hedgehog is such a cute Valentine’s Day card to gift to your child’s friends or teachers!

Paper Heart Chain by From ABCs to ACTs

We made a Christmas countdown chain at the beginning of December, and my preschooler loved making it and then taking one chain off each day. I plan on making this one at the beginning of February and doing the same!

Rainbow Paper Heart Wreath by Hello, Wonderful

This is very similar to the activity above, but you can make the heart chain into a wreath as well! I think it looks so adorable!

Tissue Paper Heart by Sweet and Simple Living

We’ve used tissue paper for our sun catchers, but we haven’t used them like this. I think this gives the Valentine’s Day crafts a fun texture!

Valentine’s Day Caterpillar by Crafting Cheerfully

This activity is so cute! Definitely has some Very Hungry Caterpillar vibes, and I love that you can incorporate number practice as well!

Marbled Valentine Heart Shaving Cream by Meaningful Mama

This marbled Valentine Heart Shaving Cream activity will definitely get a bit messy, but it looks like so much fun! And the final product looks so pretty as well!

Valentine Mouse by Non-Toy Gifts

This is another great craft to use our saved up toilet paper rolls!

Toddler Valentine Heart Bouquet by Arty Crafty Kids

I love this! This would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for teachers 🙂

Handprint Valentine Heart Tree by Arty Crafty Kids

They used old book pages or newspaper for this craft, and it gives it such a unique look! Super cute!

Washi Tape Heart Sun Catcher by Kids Craft Room

Another sun catcher! I did a similar washi tape craft for Christmas, and excited to try this one out!

Valentine’s Day Birdfeeders by Simply Joy

I’ve been wanting to make a bird feeder with my boys, and this one looks simple and so cute!

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

I hope you enjoyed this list of Valentine’s Day activities for preschoolers! I am so excited to try out these crafts and activities with my boys, and hope you found at least one or two ideas that you want to try out as well!

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27 Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Discovering Mommyhood (9)

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Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to engage preschoolers in fun and creative activities that promote their development while celebrating the holiday. This article highlights 27 delightful Valentine's Day crafts and activities for preschoolers, emphasizing the simplicity and cuteness of the projects. Let's explore the concepts used in the article and provide relevant information:

  1. Mess-Free Valentine’s Day Activity: Engaging preschoolers in mess-free activities is not only convenient but also promotes their fine motor skills and creativity. It's important to consider age-appropriate materials and techniques to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for the children.

  2. Alphabet Matching Activity: Incorporating educational elements into Valentine's Day crafts, such as alphabet matching, is a fantastic way to integrate learning with fun. This activity can help preschoolers develop letter recognition and cognitive skills.

  3. Fine Motor Skills Practice: Many of the crafts mentioned in the article involve activities that promote fine motor skills, such as cutting, threading, and tracing. These activities are essential for the development of hand-eye coordination and dexterity in young children.

  4. Sensory Play: The use of sensory bins and tactile materials in crafts and activities provides preschoolers with valuable sensory experiences, stimulating their senses and encouraging exploration and creativity.

  5. Recycled Materials: Incorporating recycled materials, such as toilet paper rolls and old book pages, not only promotes sustainability but also encourages creativity and resourcefulness in young children.

  6. Interactive Challenges: Activities like the "Heart Cup Tower Challenge" and "Heart Launcher" provide opportunities for preschoolers to engage in interactive and hands-on challenges, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills.

  7. Artistic Expression: Crafts like the "Yarn Paper Heart Craft" and "Tissue Paper Heart" encourage artistic expression and creativity, allowing preschoolers to explore different textures and colors while creating unique artworks.

  8. Thematic Learning: Valentine's Day crafts provide an excellent opportunity to introduce thematic learning, allowing preschoolers to explore the holiday's symbols, colors, and themes in a playful and engaging manner.

By incorporating these concepts into Valentine's Day crafts and activities, parents and educators can create meaningful and enjoyable experiences for preschoolers while supporting their holistic development.

I hope this information provides valuable insights for planning engaging and educational Valentine's Day activities for preschoolers!

27 Valentine's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Discovering Mommyhood (2024)
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