20 must-try recipes that prove that bundt pans aren't just for cakes (2024)

If it's been a while since you put together a Bundt cake, you may think the pan is just wasting space in your cupboard. But you'd be wrong! There are dozens of tasty meals and desserts you can make with the round, curvy pan. We've got 20 you'll want to try out!

Keep reading to see just how versatile the Bundt pan is.

1. Roasted chicken by Food & Wine


Do you love crispy chicken skin? Then you'll love this handy tip. Instead of putting your whole chicken in a roasting pan, grab your Bundt pan instead. Check out Food & Wine's video below to see how easy this tip is. You may never cook chicken the same way again.

2. Easy pull-apart pizza bread by Sweet and Simple Living

Need something tasty and quick? Follow Sweet and Simple Living's recipe and grab some pizza dough, cheese, seasoning, olive oil and pepperoni for a slice of pizza heaven.

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3. Mexican bubble bread by Nest of Posies

Need a bit of spice with your cheese and bread? Nest of Posies's recipe calls for canned biscuits, butter, cheese, green chilies and jalapeños. You can create this tasty side dish in just 40 minutes.

4. Banana bread Bundt cake with chocolate glaze by Crunchy Creamy Sweet

If you love the taste of banana bread, you'll love the way this Crunchy Creamy Sweet's recipe tastes and looks! Topped with a light chocolate glaze, this dessert is delicious and pretty. Try this one for the next family party, and watch the rush of compliments come in.

Want to try something a little less traditional this holiday season? Follow this delicious recipefrom Kim's Healthy Eats, or just add three eggs to your traditional stuffing recipe and bake it in a Bundt pan for a traditional side dish that's also eye-catching.

6. Avocado tuna melt by I Heart Kitchen

Catering lunch? Try this fun twist on the traditional sandwich. You can simply bake your own bread recipe in a Bundt pan or snag canned bread. This filling dish by I Heart Kitchen is a fun way to change up a budget-friendly dinner, too.

7. Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast bread by The Neighborhood Moms

The tastiest breakfasts include egg, cheese and sausage (or bacon). The Neighborhood Moms' filling pastry features the essential components of a tasty breakfast in a dish that is easy to grab and go.

8. Savory herb and cheese monkey bread by Five Heart Home

Garlic, butter, cheese and bread? Yes, please! Five Heart Home's savory twist on a traditional monkey bread recipe pairs well with your favorite pasta or a tasty soup.

9. Baked macaroni and cheese by Amsterdam and Beyond

If you think macaroni and cheese must be a boring out-of-the-box meal, think again. Combine noodles, bacon, garlic and tons of cheese, bake in a Bundt pan and presto: an upscale version of a kid's classic by Amsterdam and Beyond.

10. Stovetop stuffing meatloaf by 16th & Bliss by Centsless

If you're not a fan of traditional meatloaf (or if you just want to switch it up), this fun recipe created by 16th & Bliss by Centsless is a great way to take a classic dish to the next level. As an added bonus, you'll have something to do with that leftover stuffing after the holidays.

11. Cinderella Bundt cake by Lick the Bowl Good

This pretty dessert by Lick the Bowl Good is pumpkin flavored, so it's a perfect dessert for the holiday season. Add a tasty vanilla frosting and some ground nuts to finish off the dish. Simple, pretty and perfect for family dinner or a bake sale.

12. Bundt pan jalapeño poppers by Zestuous

Sometimes you just need a pan that's going to make things a little easier. The Bundt pan is the perfect solution for these jalapeño poppers byZestuous. Top your peppers with bacon and cheese and bake for an easy appetizer.

13. Garden macaroni salad by Lady Behind the Curtain

A Bundt pan is a perfect tool for giving even the most basic dish a new twist. You'll want to add your macaroni salad to the mold while it's still hot and let it cool overnight. Check out Lady Behind the Curtain's recipe above to see how easy it is to take your salad to the next level.

14. Jelly doughnut Bundt cake by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

This is the kind of dessert a Bundt pan was made for! This giant jelly doughnut byConfessions of a Cookbook Queenis perfect for a brunch, birthday party or a sweet snack. You'll need a cake mix, some jelly and a few other ingredients to bring this slice of breakfast glory to life.

15. Peach punch by Camille Styles

Your Bundt pan is not actually holding this delicious peach punch; instead, you use the pan to make the decorative ice ring that floats in the punch. A day ahead of time, place fresh thyme sprigs and sliced peaches at the bottom of the pan, and then fill with water and freeze. Float the ice ring in the tasty punch recipe by Camille Styles and serve.

16. Spaghetti pie by Kayotic

This might just be the perfect dish; it's like a spaghetti sandwich! Your favorite pasta recipe (like the one by Kayotic) topped with some egg and bread crumbs (and perhaps a bit of garlic) is a great way to change up spaghetti night!

17. Bacon, egg and cheese monkey bread by Lemon Tree Dwelling

As if monkey bread needed any help being more perfect. Bacon, chives, cheese and egg — smashed together into one dish — is the perfect breakfast for straggling guests after a holiday. It's tasty and easy to make; just follow Lemon Tree Dwelling's recipe.

18. Savory rice cake by Giada De Laurentiis for theFood Network

A Bundt pan may be traditionally used for cake, but no one said it had to be a sweet cake. With rice, sausage, mozzarella cheese and tomato, this savory dish by Giada De Laurentiis for theFood Network takes a bit longer to prep, but the mouthwatering results will be worth it.

19. Hot cheese party Bundt by Tablespoon

When you're hosting a party, it's hard to beat a bread-and-cheese dip for an appetizer. Tablespoon's fun recipe makes it easy to create your bacon, cheese and onion-filled snack in about an hour.

20. Brown sugar Bundt cake by Lady Behind the Curtain

If you're having a hard time wrapping your head around anything other than a cake in your Bundt pan, we have a recipe for you. Lady Behind the Curtain's brown sugar pound cake, topped with melted toffee, is sure to please even the sweetest tooth.

20 must-try recipes that prove that bundt pans aren't just for cakes (18)

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What are some of your favorite Bundt pan recipes? Make sure to share these fun ideas with your friends on Facebook.

20 must-try recipes that prove that bundt pans aren't just for cakes (2024)
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